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200a Coil test

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2020 9:12 am
by Kirklandkie
Well, my 200a has no spark. I've done some troubleshooting but I was hoping you would let me know what your thoughts were before I order more parts. With the points opened I ohmed out the condenser to the body of the mounting plate and got 2 Ohms. I replaced the condenser thinking that must be bad (since resistance did not grow). With the new condenser it did the same thing. I de-soldered the ignition coil and ohmed it out. I get 5000 Ohms between the input wire (checked good) and the spark plug wire but I get 2 ohms between the coil input wire and the mounting plate (checked bad?). I think this means my coil has an internal short. Does this sound right? Thanks everyone!