Lost all of my pictures.

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Lost all of my pictures.

Post by jayvee43 » Sun Dec 08, 2019 10:24 am

I'd like to say Hello to all you guys. Its been a while for me.

1. First off, as the title says, I am sorry to say, I think I lost all of my supporting pictures to my past posts. It would seem the "host" web site I chose to reduce my pictures back then, went down, and is now "for sale". Not one of my pictures seem to work anymore.

2. I have been away from this site and all Diablo/Hus-ski related stuff for almost 2 years, because of health reasons and major move into my wife's father's house he built. We sold our house in town, and moved to the country. (I love the new view)

3. My dealership where I still work, got bought out, and now is under a new name badge and it cost me a lot of my loyal customers because with the new ownership came new business directives in the way we have dealt more freely with our customers in the past. (big City Corporations) It has been challenging and on a few occasions, I found myself asking why I have not packed my tool-box yet.

So for now I am looking forward to the holidays and the promise of 3 months off (lay off's) for January, February, and March 2020. This winter the annual Ottawa boat show will not see my sorry behind as we are not doing a show this year. (cut backs)
And so this should leave me with some time on my hands to ride more and enjoy this winter. My shoulder and neck and left hip seems to be better and except for a few more visits to the "specialist" I am healthy enough to resume playing with my vintage machines.
I think that is it for now, and I hope everyone will have a very happy holiday season.
Till next time, Jesse

PS: Bruce, if you have to, I guess you can remove my posts that have missing supportive pictures because it just is not the same.
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Roy Teske
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Re: Lost all of my pictures.

Post by Roy Teske » Wed Dec 11, 2019 10:22 am

Good to hear you are feeling better Jesse. I hope you can somehow retrieve your photos. I really enjoyed watching you bring that old Hirth back to life.With your free time this winter, I look forward to joining you on some rides. Stay in touch and let me know about what's going on in your area.

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