Val Des Bois 2017

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Val Des Bois 2017

Postby Roy Teske » Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:04 pm

Mother nature gave us a window for a small run last weekend. She sandwiched in three days of -22C/-8F between days of heavy rain at 8C/46F. The fast freeze after the first period of rain turned the snow into concrete, but with an inch or so of powder on top for those hus-ski slides. You could walk anywhere in the woods without breaking through. It made for some challenging driving conditions...advantage hus-ski. I was the lone diablo rider. Barrie joined me with his son Gordon and grandson Finnigan riding two hus-skis. I prepared myself for the usual ribbing on the diablo vs hus-ski cold starts. However the 400 refused to start out of the trailer. I lost count of the number of pulls. Thank goodness the recoil had been repaired the night before. We coaxed the 400 to life with a squirt bottle of fuel. Same issue the next morning. At the same time, I also had to change the plug in the diablo to fire it up. However , I think I had the lower number of pulls. Later that afternoon the diablo quit on me. Ooops! The plug wire wouldn't stay on. Into the tool box for a new end for the plug wire. Did I mention that the squirt bottle was mine?
All in all, another great weekend. Lots of food and nice and warm in the camp. Note... the hus-ski riders had to rest after lunch. Not used to those tiring cold starts. Little Finnigan wasn't feeling well all weekend, but carried on like a trooper.
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Re: Val Des Bois 2017

Postby Barrie2777 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:02 pm

Many thanks again to Roy for hosting us again. The bear venison moose stew was outstanding. The starting issue seemed to be a gas cap not venting properly, creating a vacuum in the tank. Seemed to be resolved after the cap was left loose. There was just enough snow to keep the cleats from going up in smoke. Hard riding otherwise.
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