Wanting to trade - L252L engine

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Wanting to trade - L252L engine

Post by BB16 » Fri Jul 10, 2020 7:56 am

Hey folks,

I am in the process of rebuilding a JLO L252R engine and I am missing some parts. What I have to trade is a L252L engine, disassembled plus two Polaris clutches. The cylinder head has been honed, the main bearings may need to be replaced. The piston dome is in rough shape. I believe all the parts are there to reassemble a complete engine (carb and correct clutch missing). I have included a couple of pics which shows the condition and extent of the parts.

What I am in need of is the correct clutch for the L252 engine and a 2A Tilly carb. Also needed is a rope drum for a L152 engine. In that order.

Willing to discuss a trade for the parts I need. Not looking for a cash deal.

Don Hamilton, Guelph Ontario
519 830 5865 txt or call
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