Lubricating those Bogie Stations

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Lubricating those Bogie Stations

Post by Go Go Diablo » Wed Nov 20, 2019 7:12 am

Hi all,

For ever, I've been a proponent of lubricating bogie stations with oil. I worry that long term use of grease will clog up the cavity between the tube and axel as the lubricants evaporate and paraffins are left behind. Also, it does not take much pressure within the tube to push the oil lite bushings out of the tubes making them spin with the axel.

The problem is finding a lube gun that you can easily pump oil without always having such a mess. Also going through the work of drilling and welding on lubrication zerks. With that, I had an epiphany this past summer and realized that drilling a simple small hole in the Bogie Station tube and using a pump style oil can with a metal tip works just as good as a fancy lube gun and makes less of a mess.

Plus with a little luck, you can drill a small hole in your tubes without taking your machine apart and get them lubricated.
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