SnowDog - new motor tow.

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Re: SnowDog - new motor tow.

Postby Schoobytwo (Bruce) » Thu May 19, 2016 9:01 pm

As Bill mentions, Hus Skis and Diablos have skis, so that makes them a snowmobile in many states. But if those units were introduced new today, I'd bet some states would disqualify them as snowmobiles as odd as they are. They do have a bit of a "grandfather clause" about them as they were truly marketed as snowmobiles in the 60's.

Vladimir has been in touch with the Wisconsin DNR through my son Michael who is a DNR Customer Service Representative. I had no idea that a snowmobile had such specific descriptions in the eyes of the Wisconsin DNR and the State Statutes.

Aside from some seemingly minor details like the need for reflectors, a tail light and things like that, it seems there are two main issues.

1) The Snowdog advertisements show this unit being used without snow on the ground. One criteria of Wisconsin is that a snowmobile must be marketed as solely a vehicle to be used on the snow. Vladimir mentioned "manufactured solely for snowmobiling", but I am presuming how it is advertised is different than how it is manufactured. Get it? If the marketing in the US is for snowmobiling, then it becomes a vehicle solely for snowmobiling and it is up to the owner to decide to drive it other times of the year. Cause lets face it, I doubt someone is going to take a Snowdog and replace their All Terrain Vehicle (ATV).

Here is another interesting fact in Wisconsin: If you have a registered ATV and install one of those track kits on to or in replacement of the tires, the ATV registration is no longer valid. An ATV must have four wheels that are touching the ground. Really? Jeez!

2) It must have skis with runners. The Snowdog has a towed sled but it is up to an interpretation of the law if the sled qualifies as "skis with runners". The sleds must have runner tunnels on them or the sleds would be sliding all over the place. Ever drive a Hus Ski or Diablo without runners under the skis? Yikes :o I wonder if a slight modification of the sleds would get the design past this definition.

One other interesting thing I forgot is that a vehicle does not need to be registered when on a frozen waterway. Lakes, streams and such. Or on private property. With that said, I think it is best to have the ability to register this machine. A DNR Warden is not going to be very forgiving when you are driving any vehicle through the street, ditch or on public property without a registration. The result is a ticket. I hear it is even worse in Michigan. Pull your snowmobile off the trailer without a trail sticker and you can get a ticket before you even turn the key.

The Snowdog Team is obviously doing their homework, obviously very knowledgeable and are preparing well for their introduction in to North America.

I'm interested in hearing more.......

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